Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy joins Dual Career Network Ruhr

The local alliance supports partners of academic staff who have taken up a new post in the Ruhr area in finding a new position themselves more

Women in IT Security

Women in IT Security

August 01, 2022

The more diverse the team, the more diverse its perspectives and approaches – CASA presents female role models in IT Security more

FINDHR: an interdisciplinary project to prevent, detect, and mitigate discrimination in AI

The Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (MPI-SP) is part of the Horizon Europe project FINDHR, which aims to develop fair algorithms in personnel selection processes more

How Daycare Apps Can Spy on Parents and Children

Researchers reviewed 42 apps and found privacy and security deficiencies, some of which were quite serious. Some apps even sell their users’ data to third parties. more

Inside IBM's quantum computer, you can see the tower-shaped cryostat with numerous silver cables and struts running between two golden discs.The cables end under the lower disc with golden plugs in connector strips.

The future of encryption

July 06, 2022

Cryptographic systems that even quantum computers cannot crack will soon be standard in the USA more

When hardware traps criminals

Up to now, protecting hardware against manipulation has been a laborious business: expensive, and only possible on a small scale. And yet, two simple antennas might do the trick. more

Making life difficult for eavesdroppers

New countermeasure against unwanted wireless surveillance more

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