Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy welcomes new Faculty member

New tenure-track faculty member Jana Hofmann will develop methods to establish formal security and privacy guarantees for large systems

July 01, 2024

Jana Hofmann will establish a new research group at MPI-SP with a focus on providing formally backed correctness and privacy guarantees for security-critical systems. Her work will concentrate on a particularly challenging subset of specifications, the so-called relational properties. These properties are fundamental in circumstances such as preventing information leakage in cloud computing or ensuring fairness in automated decision-making processes (i.e. algorithmic hiring).

“I am excited to start my tenure track journey at MPI-SP! Here, I will have the unique opportunity to freely pursue my research agenda of finding efficient methods to establish formal security and privacy guarantees in large systems. I am looking forward to building my own research group and collaborating with the amazing researchers in Bochum!” says Hofmann.

Jana Hofmann received her PhD from Saarland University while working at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. She continued her research as a postdoc at Azure Research, Microsoft where she focused on developing algorithms for relational properties preventing microarchitectural information leakage. Jana Hofmann will join MPI-SP in October 2024 as a tenure-track faculty member.

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