Karolin Varner (she/they/sie)

Cryptographic Engineering




Hybrid post-quantum security for WireGuard™ without modifying in-kernel WireGuard™.



Provably secure, efficient KEM combiner from x25519 and ML-KEM.

Decryption Despite Errors (unfinished)


Developing notions of security and appropriate ciphers for settings where discarding ciphertexts with errors beyond perfect recovery is not permissible (e.g. emergency radio, space probes, airplane radio, video conferences).

Research Interests & Research Intentionality

  • Translation research in cryptography science
  • Robust Combiners for Post-Quantum Security
  • Improving the usability of tools for mechanized verification
  • Mechanized verification of protocols
  • Cryptography in the Rust programming language
  • Cryptography and politics
  • Cryptography and social justice
  • Ethics of cryptography
  • Science communication for cryptography

Curriculum Vitae

since 2024: Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy

Researcher Engineer

2019-2023: Adobe

Security focused software engineer conducting internal and external security reviews, maintaining internal cryptography libraries. Conducting special projects to develop custom hardware appliances.

2018: Qabel GmbH

Lead developer on the firmware of a hardware security module

2015-2017: Softwear BV

Data engineering providing high-performance data processing pipelines to facilitate integration of legacy infrastructure

2014-2015: Niemau GmbH

Software development

2013-2014: Soup.io

Sole engineer keeping a social network on the downturn alive

2012: Videri Project

Software Development

ORCID: 0000-0002-2420-2227

I possess no relevant academic titles. I do not carry the German language title "Ingenieur".

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