Responsible Computing

The Responsible Computing group is led by Asia Biega. Our research centers around developing, examining and computationally operationalizing principles of responsible computing, data ethics, and data protection. We study these themes in the context of AI-infused and data-driven systems, in particular search and recommender systems. Our explorations holistically cover all facets of information architectures (data, algorithms, interfaces, and user interactions), as well as their individual and societal impacts. We publish our work at top-tier conferences in the areas of Web & Information Retrieval, Social Computing, and Computing & Society. We also eagerly collaborate across disciplinary boundaries, allowing us not only to make technical contributions in Computer Science, but also to lend our expertise to support research in other fields.

Problems we’re currently working on:

  • Operationalizing principles of data ethics and data protection (including data minimization, fairness, privacy, accountability, transparency, as well as other concepts from data protection regulations such as GDPR).
  • Developing algorithmic interventions that implement the above principles.
  • Quantifying and mitigating negative impacts of AI-infused and data-driven systems on individual and societal well-being. 
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